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Climate action and ambition is at the core of reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement and curbing climate change. Currently, and manifested by the IPCC 1.5 report, not enough is being done to limit global warming with devastating effects on people and planet. Emissions are still rising, pre-2020 commitments on action and support are not met and current Nationally Determined Contributions put us on a track towards a 3-4 degrees temperature increase.

The years 2019 and 2020 are key for taking the necessary steps within the next decade in order to achieve a peaking of emissions, increase and deliver the support needed to developing countries, and setting us on a course towards 1.5 degrees world. Based on the outcomes from COP24 countries will review and enhance their Nationally Determined Contributions by 2020, as well as they will continue efforts to scale up implementation. In 2019 and 2020 CAN will be working nationally and internationally to achieve a higher level of commitment that will catalyze the transformational change needed to set us on course for a 1.5oC pathway that will safeguard people and planet from the impacts of climate change. We will achieve this through stronger climate ambition and action that responds to the peoples demand for a just and sustainable world.

The CAN Ambition and Nationally Determined Contributions Group coordinates advocacy and policy work around countries commitments to provide a global response to climate change through ambitious nationally determined efforts that progress over time in order to achieve the long-term temperature goals of the Paris Agreement in a just and equitable manner for people and planet.

This working group deals with the NDC discussion and process anchored in the UNFCCC, but also ventures outside of the UNFCCC process as relevant. In particular, it will aim at bringing together ambition raising, NDC enhancement and implementation at the national and international level. The Group will develop joined strategies for holding governments accountable to their respective commitments and collect and collate data and knowledge on opportunities and barriers for enhancing climate ambition and climate action.

As ambition discussions touch upon a range of other issues the working group will make a targeted effort to exchange views and align policies, activities and strategies with other related working groups such as the Global Stocktake, Finance, and the Adaptation & Loss and Damage working group.

The working group encourages in particular representatives from CAN national and regional nodes to join and share their views, knowledge, and experiences.

Objective of the working group:
To collectively ensure that countries review and increase their ambitions in nationally determined contributions by 2020.
To collectively ensure that developed countries deliver support for developing countries to implement climate ambition and action.

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